April Fools’ Day: the one day of the year where you can reach out to your inner child, acting immature in the name of humour.

It’s interesting to not only see how far people around us can take a joke, but big global brands. April Fools’ Day really brings out some of the best quips, ideas and creativity, offering some light hearted-ness in order to market a product.

The timing of this day may offer light relief for those who experienced a turbulent final day of quarter yesterday, but for others, there will be little laughter to be found this Friday. Those who didn’t hit target may be feeling negative about how Q2 will unfold, perhaps stemming from their lack of ability to recognise how they could improve their performance from Q1.

So what if your target has increased significantly from here onwards? Is it achievable or is it set to be your biggest challenge yet? Either way, you need to take a step back, focus on the positives from the beginning of the year, and take things one step at a time.

This may involve you having to look at your biggest deals. How did you come across the company, and what was your opening approach to them? It could have taken you a year to receive the all-important booking form from one client-highlighting your tenacity to secure a deal, or it could have been a stroke of luck.

Persistence is one trait you’re going to have to become adept at, which will not be unusual for a sales professional. But what will help you to get in those early deals that can amount to bigger opportunities, is doing your research. Take the time now at the beginning of this quarter to invest in lead generation, making more qualifying calls in order to start to build a portfolio of prospects that can be contacted and nurtured as the months go by.

Selling hard from the off isn’t necessarily the answer, but fitting in those cold calls and spending time prospecting will be highly beneficial. This is where the foundations for bigger deals can begin to be made.

Create a plan of attack and even document a list of companies that you have discovered are growing, or are set to invest. This research again means leveraging technology, whether it be buying data of leads or using the internet and social media to find out key information.

Techniques such as this may take a while and make it seem like you’re wasting time, but this approach is the new modern selling technique. So start to become literate with new mediums and software, and you can really get ahead of the game, saving yourself undue stress weeks down the line.

So whatever happens, remain positive, talk to your manager if you think your target is really unachievable, or speak to those around you to gain advice. Hearing from more experienced professionals can really be eye-opening, and can really give you that injection of motivation you need to thrive going forwards.

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