It’s not uncommon for sales professionals to feel burnt out, exhausted and in dire need of a break, having worked tirelessly to hit their targets and chase new business. Acquired holidays and days off are satisfactory, but should a sabbatical be open to every sales person?

Offering sabbaticals in any career is advantageous, but the demanding nature of a sales role warrants a longer break away. Companies could benefit greatly from offering these, yet many are too transfixed with the negatives implications that come with the extended absence of their staff; the loss of exceptional sales talent. What employers must realise however, is the many long term benefits that can be generated when granting sales staff a sabbatical. Some of the benefits include:

Better staff retention

If you love your job and you’re offered the chance to take an extended break down the line, you’re going to take it. Too many salespeople work themselves too hard and quit their jobs in search of a less stressful career or role, but with a sabbatical offered, there’s something to keep them motivated. Those that have the opportunity to take a sabbatical in their career will feel more appreciated and valued, and ultimately less inclined to look for another job when the going gets tough. This will help employers to keep their best sales staff, those who may be missed in the short term, but will make them stick around in the long run.

A fresh approach to selling

Those that have had an extended holiday are bound to return feeling more positive, more refreshed, and ready to sell harder. A sabbatical can encourage sales staff to return to their role with a new outlook and fresh approach to selling, having come up with new ideas and alternative ways to connect with more prospects. The stories and anecdotes they return home with can then inspire other employees to work harder, in a bid to earn themselves a sabbatical in the future.

The opportunity to recruit the best

If you’re looking for new sales talent, for most it’s all about highlighting incentives. There’s already a number of benefits on offer for sales people, such as company holidays, days out and weekends away for those who exceed their targets, so you need to make your business stand out. Highlighting a sabbatical offering in your job advert will greatly aid your quest for new sales staff, and if you display that this sabbatical can be achieved after a specific number of revenue has been generated or after so many years’ service, their competitive instincts will kick in, and this candidate will then want to prove themselves to hit this opportunity for a sabbatical.

A happier, healthier workforce

A sabbatical overall will lead to a happier, healthier workforce, one that will become more committed when they recognise that their wellbeing is being considered. A happy workforce creates a positive and open culture, which will offer employees the opportunity to speak out when they have any concerns or issues about their workload, giving you the chance to address these before an employee opts to leave.

Whilst offering a sabbatical is not the be-all and end-all, it’s a pretty attractive perk. Too many individuals perform at less than their best when they’re over stressed and overworked, and in the long run fail to flourish. So if you offer a sabbatical incentive for your staff, whether it be one month’s leave or more, you’re bound to notice a difference in your team’s performance.

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