1.      Don’t do it!

No? Ok…

1.      Note that there are many brilliant sales people who don’t drink at all… If you’re not able to do your job without drinking to accommodate colleagues and clients, then perhaps take a step back and evaluate if you’re in the right environment.

2.      Use it as a time to develop and share your industry skills and expertise rather than rely solely on the social aspect of client relationships.

3.      Do something different! When is the last time you went white water rafting with your client? You’ll stand out for it and it’s probably no more expensive than a few rounds too.

4.      Make tea and coffee your new best friend – not the cup contaminating conglomerates, but the tonnes of independent cafes, coffees shops and tea rooms that are exploding across the capital and other cities. They offer an amazing array of beverages with different flavours and physical benefits to make the experience more novel than getting drunk. If you’re saving calories and money on booze, then why not throw in some cake too!

5.      Use the hours that you would normally be hungover to make some calls and revel in the improved results.

6.      Sales can be stressful – sometimes it feels like nothing could wash away the throes of a stressful day better than a bottle of wine. Sales is a long-term gambit so don’t use short-term fixes. Find a better way to get some cathartic release and get some perspective – you can get a new job, but you can’t get a new body when your current one keels over with stress.

7.      See it as an opportunity to develop your banter and rapport without hiding behind alcohol. It could add a new dimension to your client and colleague relationships when you break out of the normal patterns of behaviour.

8.      Reward yourself in other ways – don’t default to a celebration in the pub for a sales win etc. Perhaps book yourself in at a spa and unwind. Winning is great but the ‘come down’ from success can be a real f**ker.

9.      Lead from the front – it can be difficult to boycott all bad influences and situations so rather than avoid people or resign yourself to a life of reclusion, instigate your own club or social and invite people along. Rather than say ‘no’ all the time, you’re giving others the opportunity to say ‘yes’.

10.  Keep your goals in mind. What is the ultimate goal for dry Jan? The hangover from Christmas and new year often subsides a few days in so there probably needs to be a bigger end goal at stake to keep you motivated. Learning a few new skills, generating some more leads are all valid and likely outcomes of a new fresh approach.

Good luck and stay strong. #dryjan

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