As we look forward to a long sunny weekend for Easter, we want to share some tips to help people feel positive and make every day feel like a sunny Easter weekend!

  1. Motivational music – listen to some uplifting music on the way to work or encourage a high energy sales floor by introducing some music at certain times.
  2. Visualise success – use vision boards and success affirmations. Surround yourself with positive imagery – your next holiday, that car you want. Affirmations are positive phrases that describe how you want to be. Visualise what these sales activities are helping you to facilitate.


  1. Recognise the good stuff – ignore the bad. When was the last time you felt happy that your train turned up on time? How quick are you to feel anger when it doesn’t?


  1. Break it down – don’t overwhelm yourself thinking about grand aims or ‘the stick’ when entering into a sales call. Focus on the smaller ‘stepping stone’ objectives that will contribute towards your ultimate aim. Think ‘I want to find out the best way to put my company on their radar’, NOT ‘I need to book a meeting otherwise my boss will be angry’.


  1. Treat your buyer like an existing client – the power of assumption and self-fulfilling prophecy. Ever read ‘The Secret’?


  1. Warm up the lead – send them something of value, let them know you’re looking to get in touch on the phone, use ‘Online & Social Selling’ techniques to gain insights, hooks and triggers to make your approach personal and on point, look at relevant events you can both attend.


  1. Remember that they need you – imagine you’re a buyer with lots of pressure to save, increase, solve or improve (SISI) something. What’s your next move? Put yourself at the mercy of Google? You want companies to get in touch so you can make informed choices…


  1. Incentivise yourself – initiate some themed days or fun games to keep you and others motivated. Make cold calling days something to look forward to. 
  2. Power Poses – 2 minutes adopting certain poses such as ,standing legs apart and hands in the air, can change our mind-sets.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people – the people we spend time with can have a massive impact on our positivity so, at work, spend time with those that bring out most positive attitude in you – make note of their attributes.


“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

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