We are GREAT at a number of things which will improve Business Development output and generate RESULTS.

We will meet you, ask you some questions and go from there. We’ll have a beer, what are you having?

In the meantime, we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the things we do to help our clients solve their Business Development problems:

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Auditing & Gap Analysis – Our Internal MOT!

Sales Street - Services - Auditing & Gap Analysis

Imagine Super Nanny for Business Development! We’ll come in, observe your team, test your tools/systems and get to know your products/services. We’ll conduct meetings with relevant stakeholders and the Business Development professionals working on the front line. We use tried and tested auditing frameworks which would be tailored to your needs. We will then present our findings and provide you with some actionable insight and recommendations for quick wins.

Strategy, Planning & Roadmaps 

Sales Street - Services - Strategy, Planning & Roadmaps

We have been in some humongous businesses turning over £bns and rendered them flummoxed when challenged on their Business Development plan. We get it – sometimes the business evolves too quickly and valuable time can be spent only to find that when you surface from the board room, it’s 2020 and robots are running your business. We can help with strategy, plans and roadmaps that will pack a punch NOW. We can also help to shape long term visions as we understand the driving force of dreams and goals. Even though your path may change, it’s important to have something propelling progress.

Targeting, Budgeting & Forecasting

Sales Street - Targeting, Budgeting & Forecasting

Money, money, money, kind of funny… until it comes down to forecasting it. Tell us your end goal and we’ll work through your conversion funnel, establish the scope for improvement, what resources you have/need and ascertain if your targets are achievable. If you don’t have targets, we can help to set realistic, measurable, timely targets. We can also help to establish appropriate budget/spend to activate, support or bolster your Business Development activity. We also have expertise integrating these numbers with Marketing and other departments that might feed into the sales funnel. You want to know your ROI so we use forecasts to help companies preempt what’s around the corner. We use a combination of your data, your tools (CRM, Google Analytics etc), historical experience, scenario led predictions, market predictions and a good whack of common sense. We also consider the impact of shifts in the way Business Development is done – more online, more automated/machine, lead generation etc.

Recruitment & Training

Sales Sreet - Services - Recruitment, Training & Onboarding

You might need new, shiny, hungry Business Development staff or to up-skill existing resource. We are always keen to ensure that your team are being maximised. With a decade of recruitment exposure, we can support from writing job descriptions, marketing through various channels, running recruitment/assessment days, interviewing, negotiating packages and ultimately helping you to attract your new hire. It’s in our best interest to ensure new starters stay and deliver long term value to your business, therefore we undertake various rigorous assessment processes to ensure that they’re the right (cultural) fit for your business and the role in question (i.e. Farmers vs Hunters). We have successfully trained individuals, teams and businesses in the following areas:

Live Telephone Selling | Consultative Face to Face selling | Powerful Pitching & Presenting | Tender, Proposal & Pitch Creation | Online & Social Selling | Win Win Negotiation skills | Strategic Account Management | Management & Leadership

Management, Motivation & Team Building

Sales Street - Services - Management, Motivation & Team Building

Perhaps you need an interim Business Development Director to step in (and step up) until you make the right appointment? We can fill an immediate need quickly. Business Development is tough and is keeping teams motivated – it took us a while to grasp that not all junior sales people are motivated by Porsche’s or Louboutin’s! We can help with the classic ‘Situational Leadership’ to get the best out of each other and create cost effective incentives for staff. We can run team building or incentive days which work particularly well for cold calling (hot prospecting) days.

Agency / Partner Processing & On-boarding

Sales Street - Services - Agency Partner Processing & Onboardment

Hiring agencies & partners to support with Business Development, albeit recruitment, marketing, lead generation etc can be a head boggler. Third party support is often a great way to deliver Business Development activity, extend reach and free up your time to implement your visions without disrupting BAU. But they’re not without their baggage – they’re often expensive and there are a lot of bad apples out there mystifying clients with technical speak not to mention taking up a lot of your time. We have kissed all the frogs so you don’t have to! We can write briefs, RFI’s, RFP’s, tap into our recommended network and undertake the commercial negotiations without disrupting your day-to-day.